When you think about it, cheesecake is made with a few simple ingredients. Yet, not all cheesecake is the same. So how could that be? My observation, and taste buds, have concluded it’s because the baker of the cheesecake is attempting to achieve that sought-after creamy custard that cheesecake is known for by adding flour of all things. Or pudding. Or, sorry, even worse, gelatin. Cheesecake is basically a custard. And if you’ve ever had custard, you love it for it’s creamy, sweet, vanilla taste. That’s what you should get when you dive into a piece of cheesecake with the perfect tang of cream cheese. And what’s with all the toppings? I’m all about a little chocolate or lemon or lime or fresh fruit. But the things I’ve seen thrown into and on top of a cheesecake blows my mind. A good, honest cheesecake doesn’t need all that and stands perfectly on it’s own. A true cheesecake connoisseur would never think nor want to cover it up with a mess of gooey syrups, candies and cookies. I say, what’s the point of having cheesecake if you’re going to do that! I pride myself on my cheesecake. And I will go out on a limb and say it is the best cheesecake you will ever have. A buttery graham cracker crust, classic cheesecake custard and topped with a sweet cream topping that perfectly compliments the cheesecake. Okay, you probably noticed I make specialty cheesecakes. And they’re fabulous by the way. I love baking for my customers and that’s what they want. I stick to my recipe and make their cheesecake dreams come true. It’s what I do.

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